Monday, August 22, 2011

Get a load of our melons!!!

Everybody loves our melons!
It's Melon Season!! Here at Capo, we hunt melons. Bumpy ones, a little off center, we like em best that way - just ladybugs and compost (channeling Joni Mitchell - "just give me the birds and the bees - PLEASE!") We relish in their diversity and their ability to make us dance. No pesticides or fertilizers - they are imperfection! Come, enjoy our melons while they last...

The Farmer's Daughters' Melons Collection:

Canary Melon Sorbetto - White flesh, slightly tangy, the Ginger on the island of melons
Cantaloupe Melon Sorbetto - Prosciutto's best friend
Sugar Baby Watermelon Sorbetto- A melon small in size only!
Honeydew Melon Sorbetto - pale green flesh, sweeter, the Mary Ann on the island

Hot Pepper Gelato - Because all that cool needs some heat!
Cactus Pear Sorbetto - Why? It taste like a melon, swear!

Click HERE to get your hands on our sweet melons!!!

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