Friday, August 19, 2011

Blogging about blogs

So before I started working with this fabulous company, I had never written a blog before. I know, crazy right? In any case, this past year I've been a weekly blogger, and it's led me to appreciate the blog posts of others on a whole new level. Capogiro has conveniently provided a list of blogs we like as a company (see right sidebar). I'd like to share with you some of the funnier and/or wittier blogs that I've stumbled upon personally.

Regretsy You've probably heard of this one, but Regretsy takes the most obsurd postings on, the popular "homemade" craft and jewelry site and belittles them. It is amazing what some people consider art, and even more incredible is the amount of said art that people try to sell that is somehow made of their own hair. Gross. One of my favorites of all time is this little gem below, where an incredibly talented artist will draw you with Justin Bieber, sitting on a unicorn. Winner!

FUPenguin FuPenguin is a blog where the author takes out all of his aggression on the world by insulting it's cutest animals. He takes a picture off the web of some adorable creature than proceeds to belittle them. Actually quite entertaining if you're in a mean-spirited mood. Or if you just hate cute things.

Hyperbole and a Half This is a blog by a hilarious girl in the Midwest, who has an uncanny ability to blog about her life in a side splitting way. One of my favorites of hers is when she lambasts people who write the word 'a lot' incorrectly, so she chooses to personify it as a hairy creature.

HappyPlace This one has been on Facebook a lot recently, but it's seriously the funniest site on the web. Basically a compilation of pictures that readers have submitted, it ranges from hilarious gay marriage protest signs to clever responses to random signs. Such as this gem.


So, in any case, blogs are fun. They are not just for super nerdy gamers anymore who need a forum for their world of warcraft ranting (sorry, Caitlin). Send me suggestions for other funny ones, I need more laughter in my life!

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