Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ARG, stoopid cabs!

Ok, I usually blog about things Capogiro related, but I'm peeved and am using this weekly post as a chance to vent. I usually take the bus to work, but today I woke up late from an lovely afternoon nap and chose to take a cab instead. It's freakin HOT today, so I was actually looking forward to a quick trip to work instead of waiting for two buses. I hailed one on Washington Ave., and hopped in. Dear God. The cab (with all vinyl interior) was hotter than the mouth of hell. I instinctively rolled down the window to avoid suffocating to death, and was barked at by the driver. "The AC is on!," he yelled. I could feel no such AC. In fact I could feel no motion to the air at all. It was like being in a bayou that smelled like feet. I kindly asked him to turn it off, as I could not feel anything in the back seat (because it was blocked by an inch and a half of plexiglass). He said, "whatever, you're still getting charged for it anyway). WHA--?

Apparently PPA has authorized an additional $1 surcharge for an air conditioning gas tax. This was approved last week, when it suddenly became summer in Philadelphia. I get it, AC causes the engine to use more gas. No problem. But what if the passenger is not benefiting from said AC, and would rather ride on the roof than have the windows shut. I know, ride a bike, walk, take the subway, fly on your unicorn, etc. Those would all be better options, yeah. But do they have AC? No. If I want to spend extra money to be taken to work in comfort and grace, I want the windows down so that I can hang my head out like a dog. No AC, fine, but don't gouge me, dude.

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