Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I really need to buy a digital camera

Because y'all are so damn cute. More Capo pics!!

Caitlin and Amanda and their...friend! At Marc Vetri's Alex's Lemonade Stand Fundraiser.

Nelson and Kristen at the second Night Market! Before Armageddon struck! (It rained a little)

Hongry nommers at the Night Market! Go eat Roost's chicken NOW it was amazing!

Matt and I have been friends for almost ten years - now he's a bonafide part of the Capo family.

Ferris wheel on Broad Street?! It was crazy, PIFA Street Fair. Crazy and awesome.

This is Henry! He and his family just moved to Philadelphia and immediately fell in love with the Penn store. He was pretty excited about his chocolate & cherry cone. Yay love. Lookit those eyeballs. Someone's gonna be a heartbreaker.

Yay! More to come!! Send us your Capo pics if you have any!


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