Friday, June 17, 2011


So that's my garden, or part of it, anyway. Lots of potted plant things hanging out trying to mask the bleak nature of cinder block walls. That crazy thing in the back with purple flowers is wisteria, which is so beautiful,and fragrant. I have a forsythia, a hops plant, rose bushes, rosemary, lavender, lilacs, hydrangea all going at full well as two honeysuckle bushes.

The honeysuckle thing became this weird personal mission I had to fulfill. One of my favorite things in the world, when I lived in Delaware (and now when I drive through it), is that during certain times of the year - especially after a heavy rain - EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, smelled like the flowers. Wafting in your windows, music blaring, it's come to encapsulate some of the happiest, lightest moments of my life.

I'm not sure if it's one of those universal tugs of emotion, but interestingly, a lot of Capogiro's flavors put me in that kind of nostalgic haze. Honeysuckle, which we've got now and is LOVELY and light and floral and perfect (and a friend SWEARS by a scoop of it in a glass of prosecco), lavender, coming soon, and our cherry sorbetto. Summertime here you can get me talking about childhood and scent memory associations with barely a nudge. You'll say something as benign as "Hey! Honeysuckle!" and there I'll go, rambling about this song and driving with my Dad through the Valley and you'll be wishing you'd just kept quiet. Consider yourself warned!

Am I alone in this? Honeysuckle and rain? Summertime and cherry pits? Chime in, people!

Ps - Jay? Valley ride? I tried to find something on the internet machine to explain this, but I couldn't. Help me out!


  1. Valley Ride: One of those idyllic summer nights between junior and senior year of high school when you go driving along twisty little roads in the moonlight with your best friends. Generally you'd listen to songs that, when you hear them again years later, leave you feeling achingly and beautifully nostalgic. Everyone who went to high school in New Castle County knows exactly what we're talking about, and no one else will ever really understand. Now I haz a tiny sad.

  2. where is the honeysuckle gelato?? I've heard tell but cant seem to find it anywhere!

  3. Check our daily flavor lists! I last saw it at Penn!