Friday, June 10, 2011

Because the easy ones all got taken this week...

So summer and all its funk-nasty, sweat-stained, gritty-forehead, ozone-hacking misery showed up a wee-bit early. Everyone's already kvetching. And I'm beating my head against my desk trying to come up with ideas for a blog post, because Ezra beat me to the air conditioning post, Tandy beat me to the Beer Week post, and Dawne beat me to the strawberry gelato post. It's bloody miserable outside, we've got a ton of stuff going on behind the scenes, and a little reggae on a hot humid day sounds like just the thing.

This one? This one's for my mom. And your mom. And you, if you are a mom. But it's almost entirely for my mom. Play it loud. And put it on repeat.

Have a great weekend everybody. Eat more gelato!

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