Friday, June 3, 2011


I gotta say, my summer initiation this year has been quite physically painful...and pretty hilarious. These are my stories:

So a big part of summer in Philly is climbing on rooftops when you or someone you know lives on the top floor. On my specific rooftop, there is this secret little cave room I've been eye-ing up in curiosity for months now. Well, the weather broke and I worked up the guts to go inside the little goblin hole and do some cornball "urban exploration". I made my boyfriend go in first with his cellphone lit as a precaution in case there were those evil dudes from "The Descent" in there. When the coast was clear, I snuck in too after we pried open the seal to the window. There were some metal beams and weird scary brick walls, and a floor...

Well, the floor wasn't really a floor. It was drywall.

And I fell right through, arms flying and waving like a cartoon character, and BOOM. I'm on my bedroom floor.

My bruises are amazing. And my ceiling is now taped. And "falling through you're own bedroom ceiling" is now marked off of my bucket list.

Injury part two:

On my walk down Passyunk Ave. two afternoons ago, I had my head in the clouds looking at the little fountain farmers' market, and there was A DIP IN THE CEMENT. BOOM AGAIN. I twisted my ankle and scraped my knee on the ground while a little old man in what was probably a Toyota Corolla was speeding down Passyunk at 15 miles an hour was coming right for me. When a car is coming at you that slowly, falls seem pretty cinematic. And really, really embarrassing.

Anyway, I know now to anticipate at least one injury a week until September! Go Philly, go summer.

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