Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Dad Day Weekend

It's dad season this weekend which means, more precisely, bocce season. Probably the most zen sport where having a beer can help center a player's Ki.

Here's an abridged user-based wikipedia article on the broad topic of Zen!

Intensive group practice

Zen traditions include periods of intensive group

meditation in a monastery or a bocce court. While the daily

routine in the monastery may require monks and/or dads to meditate for several hours each day, during this intensive period they devote themselves almost exclusively to the practice of sitting meditation. The numerous 30–50 minute long meditation periods are interleaved with short rest breaks, gelato, beverage, and sometimes, short periods of work should be performed with the same mindfulness; nightly sleep is kept to a minimum: 5 hours or less. For a treat, the group may head to their local Capogiro for an affogato or cappuccino.

PepPeps in Naples are doing it right now!

Hip dads in Portland are doing it too!

My favorite location for bacce spectatorship is Bardascino Park located at 10th and Carpenter St.
Wild dads have also been spotted in Rittenhouse playing unregulated bocce.

So get out there sons and daughters! Route for those dads having a good time!

A Sidenote
It would seem that we here at Capoyunk are undeniably accident prone. But that will not deter from how adorable we are. Oh no. Like a clumsy kid with scraped knees and a missing front tooth laughing it up with rabarbaro sorbetto on a cone.

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