Friday, February 5, 2010

Delores & Buddy's Barbecue

It is 11 am and we are thinking about lunch. We have all decided that we want pulled pork for lunch. Dan walks past Percy Street every day and the siren song of smoked meat is almost unbearable. Kamala claims that Horizons has a great vegan pulled pork sandwich. We looked at her skeptically, but if anyone can pull that off, it's Horizons. Horizons is amazing.

Dan and I start to reminisce about our trip to Creamery this summer. We were on our way home when we spotted a little house thingy with a billowing black smoker attached to the back. There it was, just sitting in a cleared area next to the road. "What the?" A screech of tires and a near miss and we were there! Delores & Buddy's Barbecue! There is a couple sitting in their car and enjoying sandwiches.

Dan and I peruse the menu. Oh man, we hit the motherload. This guy is out here smoking meat on the porch of this little wheeled house, this little mobile house, this....I asked Kamala what one would call this mobile smoker house. She paused, looked carefully and replied, "Awesome." Yes, that's it.

So, we decided to order the pulled pork sandwichon the menu. The sandwiches arrived. You can smell the pepper and the vinegar and the meat is perfect. This guy does not fool around. It is amazing! Cool and crunchy cole slaw, sweet tea and lemonade, and a pickle on a stick. Not kidding. A humongous pickle on a stick. I ask the owner, Frank, if he would mind if I snapped a few pictures. He said, "I don't mind at all, if you don't mind sharing the pictures." OF COURSE!! If you don't mind my amateur photography skills. Then, Frank the Awesome Smoker Man, delivers us EVERYTHING ON THE MENU! He needs pictures. Holy, holy, holy. The people eating in their car yell out, "Nothing beats this!" We raise our cups of sweet tea and lemonade and toast Frank. Frank the Genius.

We leave full of smoked pork and pickles, smiling and complaining how tight our pants have become. Pennsylvania is an interesting place. Roadside bbq on Skippack Pike in Creamery, PA. Look at Dan's face! His thumbs speak volumes.


  1. the only times I've ever seen Dan that happy is after he's had meat in his mouth

  2. You have to check out Bebe's BBQ on 9th St!!! Super super awesome...

  3. Had a great pulled pork sandwich at the "Arts in the Park" festival in Eastampton! Just moved to the area from FL and now I have my BBQ place to go to! Thanks a mil!!