Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BAGELS! You Want Us To Have Bagels?!?!

Over the years I have been asked to carry bagels. I thought for a second and then laughed in their faces. HAHAHA! We are Italian, dummy. Bagels, come on! I love bagels, but pu-lease. Don't ask me to do that. Besides, I grew up in Jersey, by the beach, and the bagels were delicious. Philly bagels, not so much. Okay, maybe I was not that obnoxious, but I was in my head. I could not imagine bagels fitting in with our cafes. We serve beautiful Au Fornil pastries and La Colombe that pairs well with our gelato and panini. Bagels? Bagels are for delis and bagel shops, not our cafe! Bagels make too many crumbs and all those spreads? No, can't do it. So, sorry. Go away.

Did my rant stop the requests? No. It did not. Why? I'll tell you why. Bagels are delicious. Bagels are the perfect morning accompaniment to drip coffee. I love bagels and I missed them. Could it be? Could I have been wrong!?! Apparently. I am so wrong because when I tell people that we can have the famous H&H Bagels sold at Capo, no one says, "You're selling bagels? Wrong, so wrong." They say, "FINALLY, GOOD BAGELS, SO EXCITED. WHEN? WHEN? AT ALL THE CAPOS?" Next Monday. Bagels arrive. Fresh bagels, made that morning.

I don't hate being wrong....not really.


  1. whaaaa?!??!?! so exciting! the winds of change are a'blowin! i LOVELOVELOVE H&H bagels.

  2. This both excites are terrifies me.