Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Celebrity Flavor Combos: A Baristi Tradition

Over my 3 years at Capogiro there has been an endless game of "Celebrity Flavor Combs", that today I would like to begin to share with you. The rules? There are none, other than to comically compare traits of a flavor of gelato or sorbetto with traits you might find in a celebrity. For example, a Jennifer Aniston might be Pinoli, because no one ever wants it. (To be fair, I personally LOVE Pinoli, but to be honest, it's almost always looked over in favor of Pistachio, or Hazelnut, or... You get the idea.) Ok, let's play!

If Lady Gaga were a flavor combo at Capogiro, I think she'd be Aloha Monkey with Sea Salt. Why? Well like Aloha Monkey, Gaga is a fruity drunk with a side of coconuttiness. And Sea Salt simply because people are always amazed when they see it in the case. The Lady Gaga will have you "Just Dance[ing]" with delight. (Ha, ha, ha... Get it?!)

The Beyonce combo would probably be Pistachio, because of it's strong, classic flavor, with Dulce De Leche and it's curvaceous sweetness. Whereas the Taylor Swift combo might be Dark Chocolate, because it's the best seller (can you believe she's sold over 10 million albums?!), with Mexican Chocolate whose spice interrupts it's milky chocolate flavor like Kanye at the VMAs.

Political flavors? We got them too! The Sarah Palin combo would probably be Lemon with Toasted Almond, because it don't make no sense and you would never elect it President. On the other hand, the Barack Obama combo would be anything you dreamed of, until you got to Capogiro and realized that we were closed due to the second Snowmageddon in one week, ultimately leaving you incredibly disappointed. (Ok, I'm having a little fun with that one, we seriously almost never close, and if we do you'll have plenty of warning from our email list, or our Twitter, or this blog. I'm just a little disappointed with D.C. is all.)

Last but not least? The JD Salinger flavor would be Chocolate Peanut Butter, because we miss it when it's gone. :(

Ok, your turn! Leave a comment with your own witty (or not witty, it doesn't really matter, we just want to hear from you) "Celebrity Flavor Combo". Well, what are you waiting for...

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