Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chilly, Philly? Come let us warm you up...

The recent chill that has taken the whole city by it's mittens has put me in quite a mood about things. Often leaving me alone by enticing me to leaving my house as little as possible, and even when I do have the unfortunate task of shuttling myself around the city, I do so completely isolated from humanity. Mostly by the 3 layers of sweaters, the coat, the hat, the scarf and the gloves, but also because I can make it all the way up Walnut street with barely noticing a sole. That's due, in part, to the streets being almost entirely bare, aside from the quick moving, agitated 9-5 commuters, but also because the simple act of looking up, to maybe nod at a fellow person and smile, leaves you entirely open to the possibility of a wind gust watering your eyes and making the whole thing just so truly unpleasant. This has left me praying for summer's humanity friendly warmth to get here as quickly as it can. However, that time is still months away, until then, I beg you to fret not my fellow frozen Philadelphians, and let Capogiro warm up your day.

Yes, I know, you know we sell the most magnificent gelato. But do you know of the other things we sell that are equally as magnificent? Let's start easy and wean you away from our frozen delicacy. Have you ever tried an Affogato? It's a scoop of gelato of your choice, with a shot of espresso. Ok, easy right? How about a Gelato Con Brioche?! That's a scoop of gelato on a toasted sweet bread with sugar. Yum! Ok, let's step away from gelato for a second. You must know by now that we sell soup, right? My favorite is the Cream of Tomato (I have that with the pressed Formaggio or, cheese, panini), but we also have Chili, Lentil, Aqua Cotta... You get it. If that doesn't settle you, our hot drink menu should! Aside from our famous cappuccinos (seriously, I can't work one shift without someone telling me that it's the best cappuccino they've had in the city), we make the most brilliant Mochas and Hot Chocolates I have EVER had. It's the chocolate we use. It's amazing. And it's a "family" secret. Oh, and don't forget to get a pastry warmed up with your drink. I love our Almond croissants, and when they're warmed up they are to die for. No lie. I would consider it. Back to the gelato for a second, if you ever see "Chocolato Mexicano", or spicy chocolate, on our daily flavor list (it's been at 13th a lot lately), just know that could warm up a family of 4 with a single sample.

I think you get the point already. So come in! Look another human being in the eye, and just relax for a bit with the warmer side of Capogiro.

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