Thursday, February 25, 2010

Remember when you could walk outside without 3 pairs of pants on?

I'm trying to focus on positive things about the snow. Hot cocoa is generally my "go-to" reason to love the cold weather but, after the last few weeks... I'm starting to need a bit more motivation to leave my cozy nest. This snow thing has gotten a bit out of control. Don't get me wrong; I do love my plastic, rain/snow boots. I have a little song that I sing when I put them on; "I know you jealous of mah boots... mah boots." [Sing, dance and repeat until someone punches you in the face...won't take long.]

I've started ordering particularly summery drinks at all the Philly bars just to try and trick the sunshine into coming out of hiding. I don't think I'd make it through the snowpocalypse 2010 without Steph's hot, delicious zuppa. She's in the big kitchen right now slaving over a giant cauldron of Potato bacon soup and listening to NPR. (Cutie*) 

My snowbound friends of South Dakota are making the most of the weather by diving face (or beard) first into giant snow piles and plastering it all over youtube. (I apprenticed at an awesome web design studio out there in my former life. Asio Studio, they're the cat's pajamas). My bearded South Dakotan friend, Dylan started a new winter sport and deemed it "FWAMPING". Check it out, it'll make you kick yourself for not going out and enjoying the weather... and you might get a little beard envy too.

Whatever you have to do to convince yourself that this weather is tolerable, be sure to have a good time doing it!

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