Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What The F@#& Is A "Pastiglie" Anyway?

Walking past the gelato case at 13th Street is hard. (Especially on days like today, when we have Banana SORBETTO and Sea Salt gelato!!) But if you dare, you are greeted on the other side by an array of tasty treats. Some sweet, some salty, and some that will leave your head tilted. I mean, what the f@#& is a pastiglie anyway? And why is there a woman dressed like a flight attendant from 1983 on the Colt's Bolts' display? Let's examine...

A pastiglie is a... Well, it's kind of like a mint, but not... I say that because when you open up the box they look all chalky like little Altoids, but they're MUCH different. They are sweet, and dissolve smoothly in your mouth, and begin to come to an almost gooey consistency as they finish. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to try them at first. I mean, I'm just not a gum/mint kinda guy. But once you try them, your stuck. And they come in a LOT of cool flavors too; Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon, Orange or Viloet, or grab all of them in a Mixed Flavors box if you're the Tiger Woods type. Interesting side note, pastiglies are often recommended for digestion, to help settle the stomach after a rich meal.

I know all I want after a rich meal is some chocolate! Colt's Bolts are whole roasted almonds and peanut butter covered in either milk or dark chocolate. YUM! And yes, they are for all intents and purposes a decadent, less high-fructose-corn-syruped/ older, more mature brother of the Reese's cup. And while I can't answer for sure why the woman on the display hasn't updated her look in 30 years, we (the baristi of 13th street) have come to the conclusion that she is probably the maker of these fine treats, and that she was probably a beauty queen before her candy-making days and that she wants to be remembered forever as that beauty queen. Leaving that image of herself all around the world like the great sphinx. I know, that's a lot of speculation, but we seriously get a customer commenting on her photo at least once a week, and we've come to amuse ourselves with this answer.

So next time you're at 13th Street, walk past the case (I mean, go back eventually, you're gonna get gelato either way) and explore the wonderful candied world we've created for you. :)

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