Thursday, February 4, 2010

Look on the brighter side of life

D'you ever wake up thinking, "I love my life. Today's gonna be a great day!"
It's cheesy. I know. But I do... pretty much everyday.
And it's true, I'm the kind of person who loves ponies and skylines and balloons; someone who believes in the magic of the every day.

And I work in a gelato shop.

[cut the saccharine violins]

Everyone knows gelato is delicious.
But let's get down to the nitty-gritty.
Gelato is a great equalizer.
It doesn't care about your socio-economic class, your race, your sexuality, or anything else... it just wants to be there when you need it.

Gelato allows your palate to be challenged and expand... think about the difference between pineapple mint and pineapple sage sorbetto; do you have a favourite?
I know I do.
Or remember the first time you tried goat's milk with rosemary gelato...
wasn't that something.

For me, it was chocolate with peanut butter gelato, glorious peanut.
Painstakingly ground fresh for each batch, hence all the more rare.
And I don't even like peanuts or peanut butter; it's not something I ate growing up in Germany. But I saw it and thought I should give it a try, reluctantly.
And my mind was blown.

Everyone deserves a little happiness and gelato can help.
Treat yourself to something nice.
A small price to pay for a smile and knowing your day just got a little better.

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  1. Oh, Red. This makes me so happy. You are too good.