Friday, November 6, 2009

What does a Genie have to do with Breakfast?

A few years ago while walking the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica early one morning, I ran into this fellow that was selling coconut milk. He had this large container full of coconuts and an even larger knife. I was game so I called on him for a bit of his tasty nectar. He grabbed a coconut, threw it up in to the sky and with a swift chop of the knife through the air, sliced the coconut in half. Sweet presentation. So I'm walking down the beach enjoying my breakfast treat when I suddenly found myself face first in the sand staring at a old, dingy bottle.

It was mentioned in an earlier blog entry that I have this "genie in a bottle." Well, it's true. And every now and then I turn to the genie for advice or wisdom or what the winning lottery numbers might be (still working on that one). On a recent Genie session, these two words kept coming up, break and fast.

"Breakfast." Turns out, this genie in the bottle really likes breakfast. In fact, he's the clever segue I'm using to talk about the amazing breakfast at CapoPenn. Oh, sure the other Capo's have breakfast fare, but we at CapoPenn, have Ted. Sure, sure you all know about Ted, but man, he sure does serve up a mighty fine cup of La Colombe coffee and an even better latte. You must experience his velvety foam first hand.

Sure, the other stores have sweet and savory pastries from Au Fournil (I highly recommend the Almond croissant), but it gets even better when you take one of the delicate croissants and add Lancaster double smoked bacon, fontina cheese and a hard boiled egg. Warm that up on the grill and you're set till dinner.

Oh, yes, thank you, Genie. Now our steel cut oatmeal is really hearty and satisfying, but let's say you want something a bit lighter, a bit fruitier, well then, may I introduce to you: the Granola Coppa Bar. Yep, we have two bars here at CapoPenn. A drinking bar at night (or the afternoon if that's your fancy) and breakfast bar in the morning. A wonderful cup of our house made granola with Pequea Farm yogurt (that organic yogurt, friends, is made from grass fed cows) topped with seasonal fresh fruit cut daily just for you.

So remember what your mom always told you, that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. And no matter which Capo store you get your morning fare from, it's going to be the beginning of so many great choices for that day. The Genie says so.

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