Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Staving off the Pterodactyl Flu

'Tis the season.. Flu season, that is.

Everyone around you is hacking up a lung due to the common cold or flu or something more obscure. (I'm predicting that the next twist is for
archaeologists to expose us all to some ancient avian pterodactyl flu.) It's time to up that antioxidant intake with something a little bit more wholesome than effervescent vitamin supplements. The answer: white tea. Tea comes from a plant called Camellia sinensis. It was first discovered over five thousand years ago by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung circa 2700 B.C. We offer teas from Two Leaves and a Bud, who use organically grown leaves from the hills of the traditional Chinese Fujian Province.

White teas are like the little sister of green teas. White teas come from processing the leaves of this plant to allow them to wilt slightly, losing that sharp taste that green teas have, leaving the drinker with a light and smooth taste. White teas have more anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualitites than green tea
Tea is powerful stuff: It contains cancer-fighting ingredients known as polyphenols. Tea can help protect cells from free radical damage. Also, teas can help prevent the blood from clotting and also can stimulate the immune system.
White tea is perfect even if you're already sick: it contains small amounts of caffeine to give you a boost. Since white tea comes from young leaves and buds, it also more of the amino acid theanine than other varieties of tea. Theanine is a relaxant and mood enhancer.

Summary, white tea staves off flus, viruses, cancer, and aging while making you more relaxed, aware, and happy. (Polyphenols also fight off bad breath!) Could it get any better?! Oh yeah, they are delicious!
We proudly serve two varieties of Two Leaves and a Bud white tea: Acai White Tea and White Peony Tea.
Acai berries come from Amazonian palm trees and are
high in anti-oxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids. The acai tea is creamy and smooth with a fruity finish. The White Peony Tea actually contains no peonies. The name comes from the Chinese name "Bai Mu Dan" literally meaning white peony blossom. This tea is harvested only during a short period in the spring, while the buds are unopened. With added rose petals, this tea has a soft floral taste.

All T
wo Leaves and a Bud teas come in adorable pyramidal sachets. The shape makes it easier for the tea to circulate while it steeps. These are made of bioegradable cornstarch based nylon. They are good for the environment and good for you! (Many tea bags are coated with petroleum or carcinogenic epichlorohydrin.)

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  1. All tea will work pretty well to prevent infection from colds and flus. All tea is antibacterial/antimicrobial. Just swish around tea in your mouth, gargle with it, etc. That'll kill off any virus that's trying to get in.