Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It has been an exhausting few weeks with the Phillies being in the World Series. As a fan, you get all nervous, stay up late watching the game, and if they win you are too hyped up to go to sleep! So, now we are going back to the Bronx to deal with their fans, who leave during the 8th inning and are pretty quiet (my brother is a Yankees fan, so I won't get too mean). Philly has heart! We love our players and we love our team!

My fellow Phillies fan friend sent me these pictures this morning, not sure where they are from, but... let us know if you know where they are from so we can give you props.

Update! The cupcake in question DOES belong to the Phabulous folks at The Flying Monkey Patisserie.
Thanks for letting us use the pic*


  1. I saw that cupcake on Halloween at the Flying Monkey Patisserie at Reading Terminal.

  2. Thanks 6p00e550a7bd738833 ! And thanks FLYING MONKEY PATISSERIE for your phabulous cupcake.