Friday, November 13, 2009

Eliot Ness: The Man. The Beer.

Eliot Ness was an essential figure in the bringing down of many illegal stills and breweries in the Chicago area during the Prohibition (1933). There was Al Capone, a few attempts on his life, and a successful career in public service (cleaning out police corruption, hunting for serial killers and directing a battle to fight prostitution). He even wrote a book about his life, The Untouchables, which was then turned into a pretty good movie written David Mamet and starring Kevin Costner.

The Great Lakes Brewing Company has a beer named after this pioneer for making life good for the citizens of the good ole U S of A. But this is what makes me chuckle: according to legend, Ness, when he was a safety director for the city of Cleveland, was a frequenter of the Brewpub's bar and is responsible for bullet holes at the bar which can still be seen to this day. He tenure at the bar, 1935-1941, just 2 years after his fight against illegal breweries and stills.

Whatever. At CapoPenn, we honor Mr. Ness by carrying his namesake beer for your enjoyment. Since 1995, this amber lager with rich, fragrant malt flavors balanced by crisp, noble hops has won 10 Gold and Silver medals at the World Beer Championships. Plus, it tops at 6.2% ABV. Nice.

So come on in to the bar at CapoPenn whether it's during Happy Hour from 5-7 or later on at night and raise a pint to Mr. Ness. Just leave your gun at home.

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