Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We've Got High Hopes...

So I'm sure all of you know about Philadelphia. If you're not from here, once you've spent a few consecutive days in town you start to realize that life here is a little...left of center. There's that crazy Mummers cult you keep hearing about, what the hell is up with the Phanatic?? People are obsessed with cheese steaks, and most of all...their sports teams. As you may have heard, we've landed in the World Series for the THIRD time in thirty years!! Philly, despite all of her wonderful - albeit quirky - perks, isn't exactly known for winning (our public transportation crew did after all go on strike in the midst of one of the worst recessions this country has known...but that for a later discussion). The one thing you simply do not do is insult a Philly team to a Philly townie. I'm from Delaware and have grown up listening to the dulcet tones of Harry Kalas and I swear near cried when they showed his jersey in the dugout. We've never won much, but we do it with soul, and we always go down fighting.

So what does this have to do with Capogiro?? Aside from the fact that yes, we too are a little left of center (have you met any of our managers...?!), we also wear our Philadelphia pride on our sleeve. To that end, come hang out with us tomorrow night and cheer on the Phils!! We'll be listening to the game and doling out our usual charm and gelato to those of you who want to support the team as they were always meant to be heard: if not at the game, then listening to the crowds and announcers pull for them on AM radio.

We're in it til the end, kids and we haven't lost yet.

PS - did I mention that Brad Lidge came in for a visit a few weeks back?? No? WHAT a cutie.

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