Saturday, November 28, 2009

Make It Pretty

When we make you a coffee drink, we want it to be the best possible version of itself. Capogiro baristi pride themselves on making delicious, beautiful cappuccini and lattes. Wait, did I say beautiful? That's right: not only do we strive to pull perfect shots and foam the milk to a heavenly texture and temperature, we want it to be pretty, too.

While this may seem a bit superficial at first, think about it: if the person making your coffee has taken the care to add the lovely finishing touch of a heart or rosetta, chances are that he or she has also striven to properly put the ingredients together. Also, it shows that they care about you, our customers, and want to add a little art to your day.

No special tools or magic are needed to coax beauty out of the milk and espresso; just very uniform, smooth foam, a steady hand, and a clear vision. Don't worry - we won't make you wait for your caffeine while we draw a caricature of you in your cappuccino (though I would like to learn how to make a latte kitten). Only a few moments are necessary to produce these special shapes. Stop by one morning and behold the craftsmanship of our openers Ted and Josh (both photos featured here are the work of Sir Josh)!

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