Monday, November 30, 2009

Seriously? Cyber Monday....

I am a horrible mother when I force the kids to listen to NPR in the morning.  Yup, I do. I feel like they should listen to current events and quite honestly, morning radio, other than NPR, is painful for the most part. Too much D.J. talk intended for an R rated crowd. Tho, I’m no prude, but the constant innuendo is not something I can handle explaining to my 9 year old before I’ve have  had coffee...I am running on and on...My point is that the reports this morning about "Cyber Monday" were plentiful. It made me think; "We should let people know, while they are tooling around online instead of working, that we send out gelato!" Who wants an ole fruitcake or a stupid gift basket with mini jars of jam and weenies? Not me: I want real food.

So get your real food right here....$60 plus shipping to anywhere in the continental United States!  Yup, right to your door.

Mascarpone Cheese with Heirloom Apples
If you must, here’s your cheese basket, Italian style! Imported Italian Mascarpone Cheese blended with Heirloom apples from Lancaster County. Heirloom apples are from trees whose seeds are from the late 1700’s.

Pure King Leo Stracciatella 
A gelato with a pedigree: Royalty no less. Hot house Swiss mint from Lansdale, Pennsylvania, infused and blended to make our mint gelato.  As the gelato pours from our batch freezer we mix in dark chocolate and crushed Pure King Leo peppermints.

Cachi (Persimmon)
The Greeks refer to persimmons as “Fruit of the Gods” or “The Wheat of Zeus.” Sometimes they’re even called a “Velvet Apple”. Wait..., VELVET APPLE!!?! Persimmons are slightly spicy and definitely for an adventurous palate. Think about it; Would Zeus want socks and underwear?

Castagne (Chestnut)
Unfortunately we cannot take you to streets of Florence on a crisp winter’s day to have some roasted chestnuts from one of the ubiquitous carts; but we can take hours and hours of our own time to simmer whole chestnuts in sugar and spices. Then we fold them into chestnut  gelato for your quick getaway.

Mandarancio (Clementine)
Sweet little clementines. History tells us that the clementine was an accidental hybrid discovered by Father Clement Rodier in the garden of his orphanage in Misserghin, Algeria. Regardless of its virtuous past, this succulent fruit is more delicious if juiced moments before freezing. So that’s how we do it.

Cioccolato Scuro
Always, the bitter must tame the sweet, or vice-versa. Deep, rich, black gelato to ease all those holiday worries... or fuel the fire. You decide.

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