Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So Long Sweet Summer

Lots of changes come around at the end of summer for Capogiro. Summer not only features some of our most exciting flavors, but we also serve some of our most exciting and interesting customers. We see a lot of tourists and children and as September comes along, there are less of these around. Some of our regular customers come back from travels and we love hearing about all their summer fun. There's still some time to catch some late summer flavors as Tori superior A-frame sign artistry shows: 

Though some people lament the end of summer, September is a pretty swell month and as I always say "The only thing fall has going against it is that winter follows." So chin up, folks! Fall has it's beautiful scenery and delicious flavors. Apples, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and more. Capogiro is the place to celebrate those flavors! 

Today, I noticed that the sun set exactly between the buildings on Sansom St.  I declare this event to mark the end of summer on the Calendar of Capogiro 13th St every year until eternity.

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