Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The most un-noticed, but delicious Capogiro Sweets!!

Our gelato is so good that some customers never move beyond the case.  As understandable as that is, there are some great products for sweet tooths craving something other than gelato.  

My number one favorite treat that often gets over looked by gelato crazy customers is cocolove’s whoopie pies, located on the top shelf of our beverage case, next to the register.  By the time our customers get to where these little guys are, they already have gelato.  But folks, I promise you will not be disappointed if you treat yourself to a good whoop by buying a cocolove midnight chocolate whoopie pie with chocolate mousse frosting.

Another cocolove favorite of mine is their shortbread!  If you are looking for a little salty weet crunch to go with your morning cappucino, then grab a two pack of these cookies for just a buck!!  I really recommend the rosemary variety!

And last but not least (although they wont last much longer) are the last few boxes of salt water taffy  (by Salty Road) hanging out on top of our drink case.  These sold like hotcakes during the summer but we still have a couple boxes left!! Get one before they are gone until next year!

<3 Tori Styner

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