Thursday, September 12, 2013

So...TONIGHT though what're you doin?

Because see, it's Feastival night and we're going to be there! Good food festivals don't often need anything to gild their lilies, but since it's actually a sneaky way to support FringeArts (the folk that bring you Fringe Festival) and some of the truly best restaurants in Philadelphia will be there, it's pretty sure to be an all-around rippin' good time.

So my sister's birthday is coming up and she's just shown my niece Ratatouille. Since they're in the culinary desert that is suburban Maryland, we kicked it around a bit and decided that the two of them should come to Philadelphia for a night so that A>sis can get some legit food for her birthday and B>we can see how my niece does with dinner in an upscale (hate that word in this context, but) restaurant. She is five years old after all, and these things are maybe a little dicey until you really put them to the test. Of course, I'm a restaurant guy and the three of us used to live together, so OBVIOUSLY my niece is the coolest, brilliantest, most well-behaved(est) five year old that's ever been on this or any other planet, and I'm not at all worried that she'll cause a scene.

And I'm actually pretty excited to take them out, because between thinking about sis's birthday dinner and gearing up for Feastival, I've really been reminded that Philadelphia is a serious restaurant town. We're absolutely spoiled with riches when it comes to real food here. We've got Chinatown, the Italian/Mexican/Vietnamese Market, all the awesome East African places in West (best) Philly, great cocktail bars (and bartenders) and celebrity chefs who remain more chef than celebrity.

Admittedly though, sis and her daughter are vegetarians, about which I'm of two minds. On one hand...I mean, clearly they're just, like, wrong. Because pork. But on the other hand, I've defintely had my head turned by a well-executed vegetable dish. So sis asked me to come up with suggestions, and I've found myself really advocating for...a place I'm not going to tell you about yet! Because it's super-small and very specialized and I want to make sure we can get our reservations.

But all in all...we should take pride in our town. The restaurants around us and the people that work in them are some of the best in the country, and whatever you've got a hunger for you're lucky enough to find authentically done and close by.

Needs better pizza, though.


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