Thursday, September 26, 2013

Member These?

Some of ya'll may or may not have noticed our Gelato Cake and Cookie Sandwich freezer has been on the fritz.  If you're craving that vanilla sugar cookie dipped in chocolate with Stracciatella sandwich, you'll just have to pass the 20th store a couple blocks and make a hard right down Walnut to CapoPenn. OR you don't quite make it to the 20th store by a couple blocks and make a hard LEFT depending on which way you're coming. OR you head towards 20th from West Philly and realize you have to turn completely around and head back in the direction from whence you came.  OR you...nah, I'll stop there.
    I want to reassure ya'll that the cakes are still here at 20th, still waiting for you to special order them with 48 hours notice.  The Bomba (white haired /coconut toupeed turtle shell), the Della Signora (pistachioed and lady finger-lined), and of course the Triangolo (bacio slapped with extra candied hazelnuts for pete's sake) just to name a few. They are all here lying dormant in the potential energy of Irlanda's talented hands.  Let her make something for your next birthday party, bar mitzvah, quinceanera, or Freemason initiation. The holidays are just around the corner, too!

DISCLAIMER: this is not an example of our cakes, but I Googled "Freemason holding a cake," crossed my fingers, and this came up. Thank you internet.

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