Thursday, September 19, 2013

One more time for the world (or the city, really, I guess)!

So the days are conspicuously getting shorter: I came downstairs to the counter the other evening at 7:45 or so and looked outside and totally had a "whoawait it's dark out" moment, which is an annual (perennial? Man I'm STILL not sure) occurrence. And it's definitely getting cooler out, for which I'm ever grateful if totally unsure about who it is I'm grateful to. 

Which means we're running out of time for you to find us out and about! It really is one of our favorite things to bring our gelato to hungry faces in various parts of the city--and it's been a great festival season! Of course we did Feastival a little bit ago, and there have been some Night Markets here and there and...I sort of hate to tell you this (but on the other hand it's super-useful info to stash away for later!) but we've done some private gigs here and there--weddings mostly, and alas you weren't invited. But was Brewers Plate really that long ago? Like...March, I think? Makes me nostalgic for strawberries, it does.

But we've got one more event in the out-of-doors for you! We'll be at the Manayunk StrEAT Food Festival, which is kind of a great way to wrap up our season since we were at this fest's spring version earlier this year. 

So! One more time, come get yer walkin' around gelato! There'll be a bunch of our favorite food trucks and the local shops will be out and the sidewalk and the weather should be just about PERFECT (lil warm for my tastes but I'm cantankerous and difficult to satisfy). C'mon! Hop a train and come see us one more time this year. 

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