Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why are my eyes soo itchy?!?!

It seems like the fall allergy season has begun to set in.  For the last three days my eyes have become progressively more itchy and I'm presently fighting myself not to scratch them with a nice sharp fork.  I promise to reserve my forking of things for the dinner table.  To my fellow fall allergy sufferers just know I'm there with you and I hope we all get to experience relief sooner rather than later. 

Neck Pumkin's!
On the positive side of this, Fall allergies mean that fall fruits and veggies are all getting themselves primed for our gelato and sorbetto pans.  Things you can look forward to in the coming weeks are Acorn Squash Gelato, Lancaster Neck Pumpkin Gelato, and the return of our our delicious soups!!  I also heard rumor of some new things coming to our candy counter so keep your eyes peeled for those too.

Acorn Squash!

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