Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sansom street make-over!!!

Friday night while working the closing shift a fleet of tow trucks rolled out on Sansom Street to move all the cars that had ignored the city warning signs that some road work would be taking place after 8pm. We watched while they made quick work of whatever cars were unlucky enough to have missed the notices. Next rolled up a dump truck which slowly backed up Sansom toward Broad st and was followed by the awesome street stripper (not that kind of stripper!) which ground up all the gross uneven pavement that is Sansom street and spit it into the back of a series of dump trucks.

I was very excited to see our little street is finally getting some attention from the streets dept. Sansom Street is not exactly known for being the most pleasantly scented of streets nor did it have a good reputation for being well maintained or a smooth ride. This means we'll be getting a brand new strip of smooth, even, and clean (for now) asphalt!!! I bike a lot in the city and consider this to be quite a luxury. I don't know if this excites anyone else quite as much as me but I thought maybe someone else out there would appreciate the neighborhoods improvement. Here is a picture of how it looks now and soon I'll be able to post a lovely after picture.


Yay the fall riding is going to be great!

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