Thursday, August 29, 2013

Raspberries: Our Hairy Little Friends

Seriously, this really is the best time of year for sorbetto, isn't it? Berries and stone fruits and I keep WAITING for the melons to get here because I REALLY REALLY like the cantaloupe sorbetto with Vieux Carre absinthe.

But sometimes you're (I'm) looking at the little orbs of tasty and thinking, "Why they so hairy, tho? S'weird." But it's really not that weird. The little hairs on yon raspberries are actually the leftovers of the pistils and, since I'm sure you didn't pay NEARLY as much attention in AP Biology as I did, the pistils are of course the female bit of the flower. How does that work, exactly? You're kidding, right? Do you know how long ago I took AP Bio? Jeez.

So I'd show you a picture of the wee little hairs, but alas we've already sorbettoed all the berries, thus you'll have to content yourself with this picture of the sorbetto itself:

(There's some blueberry sorbetto poking out of the back there because it's another of my favorite, wicked-vivid colors.)

Speaking of sorbetto, my sister always refers to it as "sore butt," so now, after I've egregiously verbed sorbetto, I'm left thinking about "sore butt toed" and giggling a little. No real idea why. But as is true of most of our best flavors, the berries are only around for so long. Really, you should get in here and have some. I've been trying to coerce people to come in and pair it with the cioccolato scuro, but I feel like no one ever listens to me. Least of all my crew, but that's probably to be expected.

Also to be expected? This:

(Actually I super wanted to post a song about, y'know, raspberry-colored French hats, but The Artist is a bit Cranky McCrankerson about the whole online video thing and he doesn't want you to see it. Not like anyone's objecting to The Clash, though, right? Right.)

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  1. Ooow glad you said something about melon! I've been waiting for the Watermelon flavor to make its appearance this season. It's not summer without a couple of large cups of Capogiro's Cocomero.

    Alas I will keep waiting and hope that one of these days when I stumble upon the daily flavor list, it'll be there.