Wednesday, August 28, 2013

America's Grape: Purple things taste special

What have I been eating throughout the day that probably adds up to about 3 grandes?
Uva Americana sorbetto! 
What’s an Uva Americana you ask?  Well, it literally means American Grape!  The name we recognize it as is Concord grape.  But Uva Americana is just so much more fun to say, and since gelato flavors are all I know how to say in the language, I absolutely insist on saying the Italian.  (Shout out to my brother, who I taught how to say a lot of gelato flavors before he travelled to Italy last week.  I’m sure words like “nocciola”, “stracciatella” and “bacio” will get you far in conversation…)
Many people appreciate the fermentation of grapes in the form of vino, but not so much with the concord grape - at least not since I went through that weird cheap wine phase in college:

This grape was largely popularized by the temperance movement and Dr. Thomas Bramwell Welch, who produced an unfermented (and therefore non-alcoholic) grape beverage to be administered as communion wine.  
Really, sorbetto is the perfect vehicle for these American grapes.  They’re naturally super-sweet and vibrantly purple which leads to this prettiness: 

And lastly, what would an older millennial like me end a blog post with other than some 90’s nostalgia? 

Remember: Purple things taste special.  And Uva Americana is VERY purple.

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