Thursday, August 1, 2013

Don't make plans for this Sunday!

Or rather MAKE plans to come hang out with us this Sunday! We're going to be out and about in the sunshine (let's hope there's sunshine!) We're getting together with the Brooklyn Flea folk and some other, lesser, less savory Philadelphian ice cream folk (totally kidding--we really dig the creamy community in this town and think there's lots of room for all of us) for a big outdoor shindig at the Piazza at Schmidt's.

Brooklyn Flea (if you didn't follow that there link and poke around yourself a weebit) is...sort of a pop-up flea market thing? Or not really a pop-up, but it sort of travels around a bit? You're wondering about why an event with Brooklyn in its name is going on Philadelphia, aren't you? Yeah, maybe you are. It's because it was founded in Brooklyn (natch) a few years ago, but they've expanded their reach into our fair city because, believe it or not, many cool things do as a matter of fact happen outside of New York City (good luck convincing a New Yorker of that, though).

So along with some of the best frozen delectables from Philadelphia (there'll be other people serving ice cream and whatnot, but what do you care? We'll be there (still kidding!)) there will be all kinds of recycled and repurposed furniture and clothing and various stuff to make your home a bit more excellent without having to bow down at the feet of a gang of Swedish quasi-gangsters. And recycling and repurposing is an excellent way to be a friend of the earth, and we all like the earth kind of a lot.

So! You can find us at the Piazza along with a rag-tag motley group of other ice cream-like folk whom National Geographic did NOT call the best place to eat ice cream in the world from 10-5 on Sunday, rain or shine.

Also! I just got back from vacation in Canada and can bemusedly report that take-out beer is EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE there than in Philadelphia. You don't believe me I know, but it's totally true! But I caught a big fish, so everything evens out in the end.

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