Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nuts about Nutella

I confess, I am a redditor, and today while mindlessly browsing posts, I found this beautiful machine:

Boy, do I wish I had one of these in my apartment.  Luckily, I work at Capogiro, where we make Nutella gelato pretty frequently.  As a Capogiro barista, I spend lots of time sampling the Nutella gelato... just to make sure its good enough for the customers of course ;)  Our gelato is made with fresh hazelnuts and real cocoa the morning it is served to you. It’s really amazing how close a match our gelato is to the real thing.  Whenever I have a particularly overwhelmed customer, who can’t even begin to cope with the variety of our flavors, I scoop them a big gloppy sample of Nutella, and nine times out of ten they’re like “Okay that one!”  If I haven’t pushed a sample of Nutella on you yet then come back and try it!

Well, I’m off on a vacation for the rest of the week, but I’m sure I’ll be craving gelato while I’m gone!!

<3 Tori


  1. hi! ok.. so that machine is not at Capo? where is it from? I've never actually seen Nutella brand ice cream... I'm guessing europe maybe??

    Also if you make Nutella gelato from scratch using cocoa and hazelnuts.. then it sounds like you are not actually adding Nutella... why don't you call it chocolate hazelnut instead?

    1. Those machines are found in Italy. We make a Nutella flavor, where we add Nutella. Our chocolate hazelnut flavor is Gianduia and we also do Bacio, where we add housemade hazelnut paste (ground ourselves from roasted hazelnuts) chocolate and caramelized hazelnuts.

      We love all chocolate hazelnut flavors.