Thursday, August 8, 2013

Conflicted fruity heroes

It's undeniable that my Italian is...not super great. I studied German for a long time, but that certainly didn't do me any good since I don't really remember any of it. And there's really not much crossover between German and Italian in terms of pronunciation or spelling or usage or any of that. Which is to say that they're entirely divergent, and what little German I do know--which is less than enough to have a conversation with a relatively dim-witted German toddler--does me no good at all in trying to learn more Italian.

But I have to admit that sometimes I get pretty delightfully caught up by some of the Italian names we use for our flavors. Like...pescanoce? Love it. I like to imagine that it actually means "peach of the night," which isn't all that bad a descriptor for nectarines, I guess. "Peach of the Night." Makes the nectarines sound like they're some sort of fruity vigilantes with parent issues and an unlimited budget. But like I said, I know very little about speaking Italian. I'm learning, though.

And hey did you know? I didn't know--nectarines aren't actually different from peaches, at least not in the sense that black raspberries are different from raspberries. Nectarines totally ARE peaches, just without the fuzz. Learnin'!

So is this the best time of year for sorbetti? It really probably is. The berries are rolling deep and we've got stonefruit all over the place. Everyone's into convenience, right? Gotta be multi-tasking! Gotta have one hand free to be twaddling about with your phone! So frappe up your gelato and take it with you! Blackberry gelato whipped up with some scuro? Oh heck yeah.

Summer's waning, but the upshot of that is that we'll see the melons soon! No, not like that. (I don't think. Who knows what the weekend portends?!?) And seriously, blackberry gelato is the coolest color ever. C'mon in!

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