Wednesday, August 21, 2013

pack up your seersucker

I definitely HATE when I see Halloween decorations in stores in August, Christmas in October, Valentine's Day in December.  It's, like, whoa whoa whoa, Mr. CVS, Mr. Rite Aid, M. Target (that's French.) Let's pump the brakes, and let me enjoy something before you give me visual cues to plan for something much further into the spacetime continuum.  I'm from Arizona, so I could never tell what month or season it was.  It's hot there. And sunny. Pretty much all the time.  Not many deciduous trees. With that said, let's get excited for fall!  I loves me a scarf and hat, and I get cold when it drops below 75. I'll be the dork wearing too much clothing while all you Philadelphians are squeezing every last drop out of your flip-flops and tank tops. What's this I hear about Labor Day? You all barbecue or something? And you have to stop wearing certain kinds of clothing or you'll burst into flames, er...? No more seersucker.  No more white. A lot more rain and hurricanes. At Capogiro we have apples and pears to look forward to.  Watermelon's first, though.  What else? I can't remember!  That's why I love working here.  It's like the flavors are my friends that go on vacation for a while, and when they come back I forgot they told me they'd be back so soon. I'm kinda more happy when I'm surprised.  Bring on fall. I'm ready!

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