Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oh hey whatcha doon tonight?

Is it seriously almost June? It seriously is. Seriously. Can't help but think that today's the day when we finally well and truly tip over from warm to hot. kinda my least favorite day of the year. BUT! Warm late spring/early summer evenings? Time to get out and about!

We've been doing more events this year than probably ever before, taking the gelato to where the people are. And tonight we're at the first Night Market of the year in Northern Liberties! Some of the best ethnic food and food trucks in the city will be there, and I have to admit that there's a truly dizzying array of meats in tube form impending. And live music and awesome art and, y'know, us, because it's not so much that we're always where the cool kids are. It's more that the cool kids show up wherever we are.

The best part is that the Night Markets (there's another in June on Washington Ave and pretty certainly more to follow after that!) are organized by The Food Trust, so by coming out tonight to eat awesome food and drink beer and watch live bands, you're helping support people that believe in bringing real, wholesome food to real, local neighborhoods. So food with a mission! But there'll be beer and cocktails and hopefully many, many sausages, so no one's going to get too pedantic. It'll be a good time!

So come find us! The festacularities will be on 2nd Street between Fairmount and George Streets and run from 7 to 11. weather music. Come out tonight!

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