Thursday, May 3, 2012


Warm sweet brunchy stuff at CapoPenn! Delicious, delicious crepes...

(As we've been working on getting these up and running for y'all, there's been this little niggle in the back of my head...something about one of my high school English teachers describing Charles Dickens' Miss Havisham as crepey...I'm not at all sure it's relevant to this. In fact...I'm pretty sure it isn't. Just one of those things I felt like I really needed to express, so thanks for listening.)

So we're doing buckwheat crepes every Sunday! They're sweet-ish and on the substantial side and awesome brunch fare. We'll top them with gobs of Nutella if you like (my favorite) or you can keep it simple and have them sprinkled with lemony sugar. OR go whole hog and add some gelato! A scoop of bacio, maybe? Or you could unapologetically gild any number of lilies and let some sweet, sweet chocolate peanut buttery goodness melt and ooze and self-drizzle all over your plate. Yeah? Oh yeah. So there you are. Another undeniably awesome reason to stop by and see us on Sundays!

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