Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The best sorbetto in all the land

I had the very best surprise when I came in to 20th Street today. My most favorite sorbetto, Lemon Opal Basil was staring lovingly at me from behind the glass of the gelato case. I almost cried. This has to be the best day ever. We have three types of strawberry flavors (Strawberry Tequila and Strawberry Tarragon sorbetto, and Strawberries & Cream gelato), and now my top pick?! If you've never tried our Lemon Opal Basil, please, I urge you to come down immediately. We all love our famous Limone sorbetto, as well as our Basilico gelato. This is the best pairing of both. The lovechild of sour and savory, of whimsy and mirth. Seriously, get some before I eat the whole lot.

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