Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Where was that thunderstorm today?  I feel a little let down.  I was promised a thunderstorm and mother nature has let me down.  Well, I guess she didn't let me down so much as the forcasts got my hopes up.  Since I was little I always loved and looked forward to loud, dark, scary thunderstorms.  I used to build a fort in the middle of the living room floor and watch the lightning through the window.  I loved loud crashing thunder.  The louder the better, I love when it feels like the earth itself is being split apart.  It always interested me that it's all just caused by different masses of air rubbing together.  Kind of mind blowing how energy is in the air.   I don't build forts too often anymore but I do still love to watch the whole explosive thunder and lightning show and we could really use some more rain before the heat of summer gets to us so we can get lot's of local fruit, herbs, and other produce.  I'll be patient and give the rest of the week it's chance to bring me an exciting storm.

 Long time Capo13 barista Nelson is leaving us to run away to Austin, Texas.  We'll miss his goofy antics and dance parties.  If you see him around make sure to wish him luck and make him feel guilty for leaving us all. 

Bye, Nelson!!

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  1. Thank you Nelson. I will always remember your skinny legs running through the production kitchen and your stylish holiday sweaters. You will be sadly missed. I appreciate all your hard work. Good luck out there!!!