Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!!

It's today is the first day of May and thus May Day!  May Day was a pagan holiday celebrating the rebirth of nature and the return of crops, flowers, and greenery.  Originally part of a celebration to worship Flora, the Roman Goddess of flowers it was later secularized as a celebration of youth and spring after Christianity spread throughout Europe. 

Annual festivals are held throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere each year where young people dance around the May Pole and elect a Queen of the May to be the representation of purity, youth, and the renewal of nature.

Here at capo we are celebrating spring with one of our all time favorite fruits....  Strawberries!!!!  All of our store should be well stocked with mountains of delicious, bright red, sweet, amazing strawberries.  Strawberry gelato, sorbetto, granola coppa for breakfast,  STRAWBERRY ALL THE THINGS!!!  Strawberry season is FINALLY here!!!!


  1. Where is the Norther Hemisphere and does it include Americer?

    1. spell check missed that. oh well it's fixed now. :-p

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