Thursday, May 17, 2012

You got booze in my juice!

RIGHT, so eating breakfast late in the morning (or early afternoon) is definitely the way to be on the weekends, which is why, with your best interests in mind, we rolled out our new crepes a couple of weeks ago. And they're going crepe-ily! If that's a word. (It's probably not a word.)

But seriously, Sundays? Let's not kid ourselves. You don't really have any genuine expectations of getting anything accomplished, do you? I mean sure, a nice stroll is...nice. You should do that, particularly now that it's May and thus neither bracingly cold or blisteringly hot. But you know. Housework? Chores, even? C'mon. You got better things to do. Which is to say you should clear your decks and not have anything to do. Practice Restafarianism! Embrace your inner sloth!

What I'm getting at is that while you're forking into your crepes, you should be having a delightful cocktail. A savory cocktail. Perhaps a bit spicy. People, you need a bloody mary to mellow out your Sunday afternoons.

Vodka, tomato juice, horseradish, warchester woostisher wurchestusher that know what I'm talking about. I like Bloody Marys. I'd have one right now if I knew I could take a nap afterwords. And yeah, you're looking for a Bloody Maria (tequila, not vodka)? Sure! Bloody Margaret (gin)? You betcha! A Bloody Fairy (absinthe)? No, dude. Probably not that last one. I mean, I guess it's a thing but it sorta sounds gross. Absinthe and tomato juice? Takes all kinds to make the world go around, I suppose. But that's not for me.

Sundays. Sundays are nice! Let's not ruin them by writing up with some huge to-do list, huh? Unless that to-do list consists solely of 1>Go to Phillies game; 2>get a light sunburn.

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