Tuesday, May 29, 2012


It looks like I finally got my thunderstorm today though it went by rather quickly and wasn't the most satisfying.  The cool air does feel very nice after the heat of the last few days.  Our first (or second didn't it get hot in february too?) days of summer are here!!!

In other excitement I saw some flowers in the kitchen today and they aren't just for lookin' at!

It appears that we have a fresh supply of Nasturtium (literally "nose twister") flowers for gelato.  We should have a fresh batch made up tomorrow and you should come by and give it a go.  It has a peppery taste and is similar to watercress and they are also quite pretty and enjoyable to look at.

We will most definitely have this at 13th Street for the next few days so get your butts in here and try some before it's all gone!

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