Thursday, March 8, 2012

Capogiro is out and about!

Yowzers is it nice out! Seems like the Wimpiest Winter Ever is pretty much done with, which, I guess...I dunno. Truly the winter of meh. Never did get any real snow, and I know that I'm probably the only one disappointed about that. But when the weather gets warm, we get our carts ready to trundle hither and yon, taking the gelato to the people. Event season is what I'm saying!

We LOVE going on field trips. Highlights from last year? Definitely the PIFA Street Fair on Broad Street. CRAZY day, that one. A hundred thousand people walking around the Avenue of the Arts NOT dodging cabs. And a ferris wheel! Seriously crazy. And Meatopia! Killer good time that one...assuming you're not a vegan. Probably sort of your worst nightmare, then.

So it's becoming a tradition that we kick off our events season with The Brewer's Plate, which we love for its simplicity--it's all about beer. And food. And food made with beer! And beer made with food! (Hm. Maybe not that last one. You never know though, since the Dogfish Head folk will be there.) And a LOT of our favorite food makers will be there with tasty treats. Gilda's Biscotti, Philadelphia Distilling, Cookie Confidential...definitely a ton of delicious people we love to work with. (Well. Delicious people. You know what I mean. We may be adventurous eaters at Capogiro, but under no circumstances do we condone eating people. People are people, not food. Don't eat people. It's just not nice. Wouldn't you like to be confident on the subway that no one is going to start gnawing on you? Let's not set that precedent.)

And trust that we're lining up even more places to be this summer where you can walk up to one of our bright, smiley baristi in the sunshine and get some gelato al fresco. So come see us at the Constitution Center this Sunday, and keep an eye on this space. It'll be the first place to hear about where we'll be!

But for now, c'mon. Close your laptop and go outside! You're lookin' pasty. Like, Jack White pasty, and no one wants that.

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