Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring is here!!

I would like to say spring is FINALLY here but it seems to have been kind of lurking behind the curtains all winter long with our strange temperature fluctuations. Many are worried that it will suddenly get super cold again and though I can't say for sure what the weather will be like over the next few weeks I can assure you that the pollen in the air is screaming "It's SPRING!!!!." I have the itchy eyes to prove it. If I ask for a fork, for the sake of my eyeballs please don't give me one!

Anyways enough of my complaining. This week is also the lead up to St. Patty's day! To celebrate capo will be rolling out some awesome Guinness flavored gelato! I know Melissa picked some up for us here today so you should be able to find it as soon at tomorrow. I'm sure we will also be seeing lot's of Irish Coffee, Irish Eyes, and other delicious St. Patty's day treats throughout the week.

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