Tuesday, March 27, 2012

601th blog post. Aka a suitable time for a sign-off.

Hi, my name is Kamala and I have worked for Capogiro for the last 6 years. I started out as a slightly smarmy barista, fell into sales and emerged an in-house artist. I made this here blog that yer readin'... designed the menus, banners, flavor tags, illustrated email blasts etc. This week will be my last with the company and I thought I'd drag you along with me in my reflection. I've been here through 3 grande openings (Capo Yunk, Capo Penn & Capo Big Kitchen), 6 apartments, 3.5 boyfriends, 5 Christmases, at least 2,190 cups of LaColombe Coffee, about a dozen minor meltdowns, 2 fires, 3 second jobs & 5 strawberry seasons.

When I was originally interviewed for the position, I hadn't touched an espresso machine for years, could barely pronounce "Capogiro" & was completely alien to the Philadelphia food culture... which is (to date) my most beloved attribute of the city. (You had me at Pho, Philly.) 

For the last 6 years, I have learned more about being a well rounded, responsible, pseudo professional person than I ever imagined I could muster. I am thankful to Capogiro for that, much more & specifically the following (in no particular order);

- Dan's back massages & post-it-note illustrations [pic. right]
- Poodles with submissive issues
- Sarah's grace under fire
- John's dry humor & colorful pants
- Steph's mentoring, light mothering & high pitched frustrated voice
- My introduction of avocados
- A lifetime's worth of experiences

Before I get more sappy, I'd like to show you some of my favorite Capogiro projects and sign off. I'm leaving to focus on tattooing full time and being an all around artsy person. The leap is scary & exciting & everything I've ever wanted in life (aside from a big yard with a hammock stretched out between two avocado trees... one day...one day...) Its been an honor & a pleasure, Capogiro. I will miss the mortal crap out of you.

Big kiss, little kiss, big hug, little kiss...


  1. I miss you already. Congratulations on full-time tattooing though, you rock star, you!!

  2. Kamala! We're going to miss all the things you do very nearly as much as we're going to miss you yourself. Promise you'll come around more often than just strawberry season!