Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Break as Staycation!

Spring Break! Grab your passport and leave your pants at home! It’s every college student’s favorite tradition—an opportunity to engage in all the shenanigans they wouldn’t want their parents to hear about. For my part, I’m of the mind that you should get up to most of those same (family friendly! safe! law-abiding!) shenanigans throughout the school year, anyway. But that’s neither here nor Puerto Vallarta.

But there's so much stuff to do in Philadelphia in the spring anyway! For starters, and if you're the sort that goes I'm sure you already know, but The Flower Show opens this weekend. There will be many flowers! And shrubs! And...other plants, probably! Sort of like this:

This is a flower, right? Something botanical, anyway. I'm almost positive.

Ok alright. I've never been to The Flower Show.'s not likely that I'll ever go. Listen, in my mind flowers mean bugs. And bugs and I don't really do well together. I get a little involuntarily and destructively spastic. Went to a butterfly house a few years ago. Had to keep my hands buried deeply in my pockets, lest I be escorted out for smooshing any of the residents. I get twitchy around bugs.

Of course, I'm always an advocate for gettin' one's self a weebit cultured and thus try to rally people to go to the Philly art museum. Excuse me--Philadelphia Museum of Art, if we're being proper. I'll DEFINITELY be heading there in the next couple of weeks, what with the current Van Gogh exhibit on hand. Just don't try to go on a Monday. The museum's closed, because you have NO IDEA how long it takes to polish all the various and sundry whatnots in Arms and Armor. Say hi to Kristel when you're there!

This is not a painting. Art joke!

Okay, painterly flowers and flowery paintings aren't your thing. Understood! So go see John Prine and Leo Kotke at the Hershey Theater Saturday night. Prine's an old-school singer-songwriter along the lines of Jackson Browne or...some other guy. And if you don't know Leo Kotke, he does this:

I swear I didn't believe it was one guy doing one take until I saw this video. He's pretty good.

So! Early spring in Philadelphia. Stick around! Come see us for a bagel and a coffee to go and traipse around the city. Worthwhile!

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