Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Rose by any other name...

Would not be as delicious as this. Rosewater gelato is one of the highlights of spring. As Melissa said, it's Flower Show time in Philly, and Capogiro love representing with floral flavors. I can't wait until Lavender and Orange Blossom come back either, deeeelicious. The advent of spring also means that Mango Sorbetto, as well as it's zany cousin, Green Mango Chilli, will soon be back in the rotation. So many things to look forward to!!! I imagine that if Rosewater had a personality, it would be much like Rose Nylund from "the Golden Girls". It would also be from St. Olaf. I have a sinking suspicion it would also know how to foxtrot.

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