Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flower Show!

It’s Philadelphia Flower Show week! Since, in the Capogiro-verse, this tends to affect us at the 13th Street location most and I will be attending on Wednesday, I thought I might share a few thoughts on this annual Philly tradition. I went looking through old photo folders on my computer to find when I last went to the flower show thinking “hmm… that was probably two years ago”. Well computers don’t lie and it was actually 6 years ago. Time is a crazy thing my friends.

The International Philadelphia Flower Show is a benefit for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s urban greening projects. Not only does that mean lots of pretty plants and more clean air in our city but also community gardens that provide food, and attract wildlife (save the pollenators!). Those are things to cheer about.

On a personal note, the Hawaii theme this year is very appropriate for me because my niece Heidi ‘Illima was born this year and lives 5,625 miles away from me in Hawaii. Her middle name, ‘Illima, is Hawaii’s state flower.

Besides all the visual spectacle and supporting a good cause, the Philly Flower Show is a nice interim to get you through the home stretch of winter. Proximity to Capo13 makes visiting us a must as well.

Here’s a picture of some friends at my last visit to the flower show a million/6 years ago:


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