Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mmm... beer

We incorporate beer into many gelato flavors throughout the year (loads of beer flavors for Beer Week, Dogfish Head Black & Red and Punkin Ale in the fall, Rogue's Dead Guy Ale around Halloween, etc.), but my personal favorite is when we go all Irish and make gelato with Guinness. Yum. Guinness and gelato go together like espresso and milk, bagels and cream cheese, toast and tea. You get the picture. With it's tangy, almost burnt flavor, Guinness when paired with our sweet milk is simply divine.

So while Center City is often a super crazy place to hang out the entire month of March (thanks, Erin Express!), it's always calming to know that you can get away from all of the inebriated college kids with their beads and their "Irish I was Drunk" t-shirts, and slip into Capo and enjoy your favorite Irish stout in gelato form - It's Good for You!

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