Tuesday, October 4, 2011

100% Moo Cow FREE!

Cioccolate Scuro now has its very own version that is DAIRY FREE!!! Stephanie toiled away for long days and even longer nights in the kitchen working towards the perfect recipe. We are quite far past elated to share the great news that in 2011, she nailed it. The woman straight up Nailed it! What? What are you saying? There's chocolate for vegans? Dairy free scuro, food of the gods? No cows harmed whatsoever?! It obviously warrants a poem, or ode, or whatever title this sort of verse should be given.

Chocolate sorbetto is finally here!
To please your dear sweet tooth and quell any fears
That the vegans, and simple non-milk lovers may've had
That brought many a tear and made so many sad...

Must scuro sate palates only in my dreams?
But I LOVE the dark chocolate, to me it sure seems
That a kitchen so crafty, and clever and, bright,
Could bump heads and put together allllll of their might...

To create! To invent! To bring forth a delight
So scrumptiously rich, yet deliciously light
Cioccolato Scuro the SORBETTO has come.
It's amazing, and worth it and here for your tum!

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